Introducing the Freshsales integration with Shopify by – a convenient order tracking and management solution for your Shopify store.  


The integration utilizes Shopify’s order tracking functionalities and adds it to the Freshsales platform, allowing you to track orders directly from your Freshsales platform.  


Whenever a user makes an order on your Shopify website, Freshsales immediately makes a log of that order and organizes it within the integration.  


Upon clicking an individual order, a modal opens up showcasing the order’s invoice, which includes its name, shipping details, customer information, and billing information on the Freshsales platform.  In the following sections of this knowledge based article, we will explain how to install and configure the integration.  

Installation and Configuration: 


Step 1:  

From your Freshsales platform, navigate to Settings. (step1_p1)

Then click on Apps. (step1_p2)

If you cannot find the integration within the Apps section, click on Get Custom Apps where you will find the integration. Click on Install to proceed. (step1_p3)


Note: If the integration is not present in the Get Custom Apps, then simply search for the product in the given Search Box.  


Step 2:  Once you click on Install, a Settings page would open up with a single form field asking you to enter your Shopify domain. (step2_p1)

Visit your Shopify store. From the URL, copy the name of your Shopify store as explained below. (step2_p2)

Go back to the Settings page and paste the name in the field, then click on Continue. (step2_p3)

Step 3: 

Clicking on Continue would trigger a pop-up by Shopify. Scroll down to find the “Install Unlisted App” button. (step3_p1)

Another field would open up asking you to validate the Shopify store name again. Paste the name in a similar manner as above, and cllick on Install. (step3_p2)


Step 4: 

On the contact page, you can view the integrations installed on your Freshsales platform. Among them, you will also find the Shopify integration. (step4_p1)

Clicking on one of the orders will open up a modal with the Order Details made from your Shopify.  The Order Details modal will contain: ● Product Name  ● Quantity ● Price  ● Tax Amount ● Row Total  


Conclusion: The goal of this knowledge based article was to provide you contextual information regarding the Freshsales plus Shopify integration. Initially, we talked about the merits of the integration, and the benefits you can gain from its usage. Afterwards, we talked about the installation and configuration of the product. We hope that we succeeded in our goal of providing more context to the integration.