Marketing automation on-the-go, with Freshchat’s Integration with Mailchimp.


Freshchat integration with Mailchimp, a marketing automation, and campaign management solution for the Freshchat live chat platform. 

The plugin integrates the campaign management functionalities of Mailchimp and places it at the right of your Freshchat portal. Whenever you click on an individual users’ chatbox, you can view the campaign progress of said user directly from the Freschat portal. 

The integration introduces a multi-tasking functionality to your workflow, without you switching tabs to your Mailchimp account. The integration also aids in quicker decision making by providing you campaign data of users and their responses to the campaign. 


Visit Freshchat > Apps > Custom Apps 

If the application is not present within the Custom Apps section, then click on Get Custom Apps where you can install the integration. 

Once you click on Install, the integration would require you to enter the API key that you can get from Mailchimp. 

To gain the API key, head over to your Mailchimp account. On the top-right, click on your Account tab. A dropdown would open up. Click on Account, and from there, copy/paste the API key. 

Click on Save.