Freshsale with WooCommerce, an intuitive order management solution that utilizes the functionalities of WooCommerce order management, and adds it to the Freshsale CRM. 

The integration fetches the list of orders made from your WooCommerce store and neatly organizes them on your Freshsales platform. 

With the help of this integration, your customer service agents will have the ability to view the order history of a customer, and associated information - targeting, retargeting, and campaign management purposes - straight from the Freshsales platform. 

For each order, the integration opens up a modal on your Freshsales portal which displays the following information: 

  • Order status

  • Order date

  • Billing address 

  • Shipping address 

  • The product name, quantity, tax amount, currency used, and the overall total

  • Shipping discounts and taxes 

 By providing your agent with the details of a customer’s order history details directly from the Freshsales CRM, you are simultaneously providing them with the necessary data required for targeting, retargeting, and managing their sales efforts. 


  • Visit Freshsales > Apps > Custom Apps 

  • Navigate or search for the “WooCommerce” integration. 

  • Install the integration 

  • Once installed, go to the Settings tab 

  • On Settings, click on Custom Apps, and you will notice the WooCommerce integration installed.


    • Copy and paste the URL of your WooCommerce site 

    • Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret 

  • Consumer Key and Consumer Secret:

    • Visit your WooCommerce Dashboard 

    • Navigate to WooCommerce > Advanced 

    • In the advanced tab click on REST API 

    • Click on the “Add key” button to create a new API key 

    • Under Key Details, enter the key’s description, User, and Permissions. 

    • Click on Generate API key 

    • A new page will open up with the Consumer key and Consumer secret 

    • Copy both the keys and remember NOT to refresh the page since the key generates only once. 

    • When all the fields are filled in, click on Validate to configure the product. 

  • Usage: 

    • From the dashboard, click on Leads.

    • Click on the icon mentioned in the image below to view your order information.

    • Click on any one of the orders to open up the Order Information Modal.