The Twilio Plus application for the Freshdesk platform provides customer service agents the convenience of having an automated ticketing system, allowing them to communicate with clients even when they do not have access to an active internet connection. 

Twilio Plus takes Freshdesk’s functionality a step further by incorporating its ticketing system with the Twilio SMS API. 

With the application, agents can communicate with customers without being redirected. Moreover, through providing an offline customer support service using SMS, agents can provide a significantly better level of satisfaction to customers. Lastly, with the help of our messaging templates, agents can cater to repetitive customer queries without losing their efficiency. 


With Twilio Plus, whenever a customer sends an SMS to a service representative, highlighting a query, it is automatically sent to the Freshdesk database as a ticket. With the ticket in view, agents can communicate with the customers on-the-go, substantially improving your customer service efforts in the process. 

1 - Freshdesk Twilio Configuration:


1.1 – How to install the Twilio Plus App:


This section will show you the steps on how to install and configure the Twilio Plus App.

  1. Click on “Get More Apps”




1.2 – Sign up and Sign in to Twilio Plus App:


  1. Search “Twilio Plus” App
  2. Click on “Buy App”


  1. Sign up on with your email address and login




1.3 - Configure Twilio Plus App:


This is the main screen where the configuration is done for integrating the Freshdesk and Twilio Plus App


  1. Key in the Twilio phone number that you have
  2. Enter the Account SID (Account SID can be found in Twilio settings)
  3. Put the Twilio Authentication token (Auth token can be found in Twilio Settings)




iv) Enter Freshdesk Domain e.g.

 v) Enter Freshdesk API Key which can found in Freshdesk user profile settings

vi) Enable/Disable SMS reply on status Change – When this is enabled SMS message template will automatically send SMS on ticket status change.  

 v) Enable/Disable New reply/Public Note: When this is enabled then the SMS message will be automatically sent on a new public note or a new reply added to a ticket. 




1.4 - Custom SMS Templates:



Functionality which provides a place where SMS templates can be saved with tags (placeholders). The same templates can be used to send SMS



1.5 - Incoming SMS Settings:


Incoming SMS settings have functionality which will create a new ticket when there is no activity within the specified time duration which can be set from below mentioned settings


  1. When selected this will create a new ticket from SMS after a specified time duration
  2. Twilio webhook which should be used in the Twilio active number configuration (Ref: 2.1)



         2.1) Copy the webhook as shown the above screenshot and paste it in the Twilio Active numbers as shown in the below mentioned screenshot.     


iii) When this is selected then a ticket will be created by SMS in predefined format e.g. RHS format



2 - Freshdesk Twilio Flow


2.1 - SMS from customer to Twilio Number:


SMS is sent from client contact number to the Twilio number as mentioned below




2.2 - SMS Came in Freshdesk as Ticket:


The SMS lands in the form of a ticket in Freshdesk as mentioned below


2.3 - Replied from Inside ticket:


When you open a ticket in Freshdesk you can see the message as mentioned below


Twilio Plus App gets installed as shown below marked in a red box. When admin types a message in the box and send it, it will be replied to the sender on the same number.



2.4 - SMS Received by the sender:

The reply which the sender has received is marked in an orange oval shape as mentioned below