Hi there, 

Allow us to introduce Freshdesk with Plivo, an intuitive customer service, and helpdesk support tool for the Freshdesk platform. 


The integration is a combination of two trusted business communication solutions: Freshdesk and Plivo. 


It utilizes Freshdesk’s helpdesk and ticketing platform used for handling customer questions, queries, and complaints. The integration adds value to the platform by introducing Plivo’s SMS API within the Freshdesk platform. 


With the help of this integration, Freshdesk agents can receive text messages regarding the status of a particular Freshdesk ticket. The status in this context focuses on whether or not a query is opened, closed, or is in progress. 


The SMS generated by Plivo ensures that your helpdesk agents get real-time updates regarding the status of a ticket, even if they do not have access to their Freshdesk dashboard. 


Your customers can also benefit from the integration, since it provides them a medium of communication with the Freshdesk platform, even if they do not have an internet connection. 


The integration provides an efficient communication platform for your business by ensuring that the unavailability of the internet does not hamper your customer service efforts. 


Step 1: Visit your Freshdesk Dashboard, and from there, navigate to Admin > Apps > Custom Apps.

Note: If the application is not present within the Custom Apps section, then click on Get 

Custom Apps, and search for “Plivo integration.” 


Click on the App and install it. 


When you click on the application, a form field will open up asking you for the following details:


Step 2: Auth ID and Auth Token:  

Login in to your Plivo account from the native site. Once logged in, you can get both the ID and the Token right from the dashboard.


Note: As shown in the screenshot above, click on the “eye” icon on the dashboard to display the Auth Token.


Step 3: Freshdesk API Key: 

  • On Freshdesk, click on the Account button at the top right. 
  • Go to Profile Settings > API Key > Copy 

  • Head back to the installation tab, and enter the FreshDesk API key 

Step 4: SMS Templates

The SMS templates section on the right allows you to customize and enrich messages that you send from your helpdesk. In its description, you will notice that the App provides you with a list of tags. The tags allow you to include a ticket’s URL, number, and status to the message. 

A sample message is shown below: 

“The status of ticket: <ticket_number”> has now moved from <old_status> to <new_status>.”

Additionally, you can also create a New Reply/Public note to edit the body text for an outgoing message. 


Step 5: Configuration:

  • The integration assigns a number to each query. That number, in turn, receives the text message regarding the status of the question. 
  • To assign a number to a particular query, you first have to navigate to Contact.
  • Click on a contact name in the list.
  • Once the contact name field opens up, you will notice an Edit button on the top left. A form field would open up where you can add both your work number and your mobile number.
  • Click on Save to finish configuring the product.