Message Media integration allows customers to get notified through SMS on ticket updates and allows agents to send custom messages to customers: - SMS notification on ticket status changed. - SMS notification on new reply/public note on a ticket. - Allows agents to send custom messages to ticket opener. - Templates for SMS which are customizable through app settings

Installation and Configuration

  • To install the App, go to Settings option in the side menu. 

  • Click on Apps. Search for Message Media and install the App. 

  • Once installed go to Apps section where you’ll see Message Media App installed. The small gear icon will take you to its configuration screen. 

  • Enter Message Media API key, Message Media Security Key, Freshdesk domain, and Freshdesk API key.

  • Click on validate. 

Configuring SMS Templates

The configuration screen will show another section where you will be asked to create SMS templates. 

There are two types of templates you’ll be required to create. One is for the message that will be sent out when the ticket status will be updated. In the text box given, create a template for the SMS. 

Another SMS template is for the SMS that is sent out when a reply or public note is being added on the ticket submitted by the customer. In the text box given, create a template for the SMS. 

How to Use Message Media App

On installation of Message Media, you’ll see the Message Media icon on the right bar of every ticket window. 

On clicking the dropdown, it will open a small tab with a text box. You can type in your custom SMS and send it to the customer. 

If the customer service agent changes the status of the ticket, the App sends an SMS to the customer automatically using the template you have already created. 

You’ll also see a ‘Reply’ option below every ticket. Clicking it will allow you to send an SMS to the customer.