Get a deeper insight into your leads and contacts by integrating your Stripe payment data with the Freshsales CRM. Developed by, the Stripe integration with Freshsales allows you to access information about your contacts’ monthly subscriptions and invoices right from the CRM – so, you get to know how much a particular contact is worth!

After successful installation, the app fetches information that includes your contacts’ subscription amount, subscription ID, subscription plan, activation date and next billing date from your Stripe account to the particular contact page on the CRM.

Clicking on a subscription ID takes you to the Stripe dashboard where you get more information about the customer and their monthly subscription.

You also get an option to view invoices generated against that particular subscription ID. Clicking on the option opens up a tab where you can view 12 recent invoices generated against that contact.

You also get to see the status of the invoice – whether paid or unpaid – so you can manage your contacts and send reminders from Freshsales as necessary.

This integration is a must have for sales reps as it gives them essential information about their contacts’ monthly subscriptions and payments right on the CRM.


  • On your Freshsales dashboard, navigate to Admin settings.
  • Under the Integrations section, click on Apps. Search for Stripe Integration.
  • Install the integration.
  • Upon clicking on ‘Install’, a configuration screen opens where you have to enter your Stripe API key, Freshsales Domain Name and Freshsales API.


  • A success message appears on successful authentication and a failure message appears if the authentication was unsuccessful.
  • After installation, the App icon will appear on the contact/lead page and information about the contact’s subscriptions will appear under the section labelled Stripe Subscriptions.

  • If you click on the ‘View Invoice’ option, you can see 12 recent invoices generated against that contact.

  • If you click on the invoice ID or subscription ID, you are taken directly to the Stripe dashboard where you can manage your invoices.