Introducing the Typeform App, a Sales CRM solution that integrates your Freshsales platform with the functionalities of Typeform, a robust and powerful form builder.

Typeform Integration makes the lead generation process more efficient through Typeform’s auto-sync feature, allowing you to create leads in real-time, with each submission.

Some of the functionalities provided by the Typeform App include:

- Provides room for up to 1000 Freshsales leads.

- It allows you to import older submissions.

- Easier mapping of Freshsales and Typeform leads.

If you’re a business looking to make your sales processes more efficient, then this Typeform App is for you. It solves the problem of lead management, making your overall business operations efficient.

Installation and Configuration

On your Freshsales dashboard, navigate to Admin Settings by clicking on the gear icon on left-hand menu panel.

Under the section titled Integrations, click on Apps.

From the search bar, search for Typeform Integration App and install the App.

When you click on the Install button, a Settings screen will appear where you’ll be asked to enter your Typeform Personal Token, Freshsales Domain, Freshsales API key.

  • To get your Typeform Personal Token, go to your Typeform account and click on the profile icon on the top-right corner. In the dropdown menu, click on Settings. Under the menu titled Profile, click on Personal Tokens. Click on the button “Generate a new token” to get your personal token. Copy your token and paste it on the Typeform Integration Settings field.
  • Freshsales domain is the Freshsales URL. For example, https//coduptest.freshsales.io
  • Freshsales API key can be taken by clicking on the Profile icon at the top-right hand corner of the Freshsales screen and clicking on settings. On the settings page, click on the tab named “API settings” and copy the API key from there.

After entering the above, click on Next. A dropdown menu Forms will appear listing all your Typeform forms. Select the form you want to integrate and click on Map Fields button.

Now, you’ll be required to map the fields of Typeform forms to appropriate fields of Freshsales Leads.

When done, click on Save and then click Install.

The app is installed and ready to roll!

How Does the Typeform App Work?

The Typeform App integrates the form created on Typeform so that whenever a user submits a response on that particular form, the lead is automatically generated and added to Freshsales.


When installing the App, you can also import all previous leads generated through Typeform by clicking on the Import Leads button.